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Classica is a fun and friendly app for the classical music lovers. Whether they are seasoned aficionados or enthusiastic newbies, they'll find plenty of learning material to support their listening experience.

The brief

You’re asked to design some materials for a mobile app to be run on smartphones only. Here some information on the app itself: The app is for listening to and learning about classical music.
The app monetizes through subscriptions. Some of the content and features are free for all users, while some are reserved to subscribers.

The target customers are the newbie with curiosity for the topic, but that so far has lacked a convenient opportunity to educate themselves on it; and the long-standing aficionado that’s looking for a high-quality, comprehensive library of classical music and related content to enjoy on demand wherever they go.

The four different sections:

• Discover

Users are recommended interesting classical music content.

• Search

Users can search their music library.

• Learn

Users can follow an educational track and test and improve their classical music knowledge.

• Profile

Section that includes their history of content consumption, their favorites, their achievements, and some settings.

The main navigation between sections may happen through a tab bar.

The problem

The need for a comprehensive resource hub to satisfy the curiosity of the classical music enthusiasts.
A place for the curious newbie searching for high-quality learning resources, discover interesting content to learn about the classical music world. A hub for the expert to dig deep into the details of their passion subject, discover new music and enjoy the classics.

The solution

An app that besides the excellent music player, provides a learning center to access articles, podcasts, blogs and relevevant personalities in the field of classical music.

App screen

User Personas



25 years old. Lives in the city and works as a retail assistant for a small clothing shop. Loves music and is a self taught guitar player. Wants to expand his musical boundaries by listening to classical music and learning about its culture.


  • Learn about the culture surrounding classical music
  • Start listening to classical music
  • Find learning resources


  • Confusion on what learning path should take
  • Scattered learning resources


48 years old. Lives in a small town where she works as a teacher. Has a family and not much free time. Recently rediscovered her love for classical music and wants to resume listening to the classics and learn about the modern composers.


  • Deepen knowledge of the classics
  • Discover modern composers
  • Find curated learning resources


  • Not much free time available to research
  • Scattered learning resources
App screen
App screen
App screen

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