DIY Tool rental concept design

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Homely has a target customer base of amateurs: regular people who sometimes need to access tools for a specific, fairly straightforward DIY task, such as assembling a cabinet, putting up a shelf, or repotting one of your plants.

The brief

For this customer base, buying the tools outright seems unnecessary. Renting the tools, on the other hand, is cheaper, less wasteful, and saves space in their home. Therefore, the main feature of Homely is the Toolkit Rental option. These pre-composed toolkits include everything the user needs for the task. Toolkits are stored in lockers located around the city and inside big homeware stores.

The solution

An app that provides a dedicated section to search task edicated tookits resources. A s section to see previous accompished tasks and the opportunity to reorder the same toolkit.


Four sections:


The user can search for and rent tools or receive suggestions based on their DIY task.

My rentals

This is where the user can manage their rentals past, present, and future, including repeating previous rentals and changing rental return dates.


This is where the user can update their payment methods and notifications.


This is where a map shows the user the nearest rental stores and lockers to their location.

Homely "presentation image"
Homely "presentation image"
Homely "presentation image"
Homely "presentation image"

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